C&K 7000 Series Miniature Toggle Switches Features/Benefits • Multi-pole and multi-position • Wide variety of actuator and termination options • Epoxy terminal-seal compatible with bottom wash cleaning • RoHS complaint models available Typical Applications • Telecommunications • Instrumentation • Medical equipment Models Available Specifications CONTACT RATING: B contact material: 0.4 VA max. @ 20 V AC or DC max. Q contact material: 5 AMPS @ 120 V AC or 28 V DC; 2 AMPS @ 250 V AC. See page G-16 for additional ratings. ELECTRICAL LIFE: 7X01 and UX1 models: 100,000 make-and-break cycles at full load. All other models: 40,000 cycles. CONTACT RESISTANCE: Below 10 m Ω typ. initial @ 2-4 V DC, 100 mA, for both silver and gold plated contacts. INSULATION RESISTANCE: 109 Ω min. DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 1000 Vrms min. @ sea level. OPERATING TEMPERATURE: –30ºC to 85ºC. SOLDERABILITY: Per MIL-STD-202F method 208D, or EIA RS-186E method 9 (1 hour steam aging). For materials see page G-4. NOTE: Any models supplied with P, S R, Q, B or G contact material are RoHS compliant and compatible. For the latest information regarding RoHS compliance, please go to: www.ittcannon.com/rohs. NOTE: Specifications listed above are for switches with standard options. For information on specific and custom switches, consult Customer Service Center. Build-A-Switch To order, simply select desired option from each category and place in the appropriate box. Available options are shown and described on pages G–4 thru G–16. For additional options not shown in catalog, consult our Customer Service Center. Switch Function 7101 SP On-None-On 7103 SP On-Off-On 7105 SP Mom.-Off-Mom. 7107 SP On-Off-Mom. 7108 SP On-None-Mom. 7109 SP None-On-Mom. 7201 DP On-None-On 7203 DP On-Off-On 7205 DP Mom.-Off-Mom. 7207 DP On-Off-Mom. 7208 DP On-None-Mom. 7211 DP On-On-On 7213 DP On-On-Mom. 7215 DP Mom.-On-Mom. 7301 3P On-None-On 7303 3P On-Off-On 7305 3P Mom.-Off-Mom. 7308 3P On-None-Mom. 7401 4P On-None-On 7403 4P On-Off-On 7405 4P Mom.-Off-Mom. 7408 4P On-None-Mom. 7411 4P On-On-On 7413 4P On-On-Mom. 7415 4P Mom.-On-Mom. Note: UL/CSA models available, see pages G-4 & G-5. Actuator M .200" high P3 Flatted, anti-rotation, .450" high S .420" high T .687" high, 15/32 bushing K2 Locking lever, .704" high K9 Locking lever, .704" high K12 Locking lever, .732" high K19 Locking lever, .732" high L .840" high L1 .640" high L1P Anti-rotation, .640" high L2 .550" high L2P Anti-rotation, .550" high L40 Lever handle without cap L41 .531" high lever handle with cap L42 .838" high lever handle with cap MP Anti-rotation, .200" high P1 Flatted, anti-rotation, .840" high P4 Flatted, anti-rotation, .250" high SP Anti-rotation, .420" high T1 .487" high, 15/32 bushing T1P Anti-rotation, .487" high, 15/32 bushing T2P Flatted, anti-rotation, .610” high, 15/32 bushing, TP Anti-rotation, .687" high, 15/32 bushing Bushing D .280 high, keyway H .296 high, flat Y .350 high, keyway NONE No bushing choice required CW Splashproof D8 .280" high, flat D9 .280" high, keyway H3 .315" high, keyway H4 8mm high, keyway Y1 .378" high, keyway Y3 8.9mm high, keyway Y4 .378" high, flat Y9 .350" high, keyway Contact Material B Gold Seal K Gold, tin-lead P Gold, matte-tin E Epoxy I Epoxy potted Q Silver base M Silver, tin-lead S Silver, matte-tin G Gold over silver L Gold over silver, tin-lead R Gold over silver, matte-tin KXX Actuator Color/Finish NONE Natural aluminum 2 Black anodized aluminum 3 Red anodized aluminum 7 Blue anodized aluminum Bushing Finish NONE Nickel on all bushings (except D8, satin chrome) 2 Black G .750" long, wire wrap .964" long, wire wrap .425" long, wire wrap 1.062" long, wire wrap 1.305" long, wire wrap Quick connect Toggle Terminations A Right angle, PC thru-hole AV2 Vert. right angle, PC thru-hole C PC Thru-hole V3 .460 high, V-bracket Z Solder lug A2 Right angle, PC thru-hole A3 Right angle, PC thru-hole A4 Right angle, PC thru-hole AW1 Right angle, extended, PC thru-hole AW4 Right angle, extended, PC thru-hole V2 .555" high, V-bracket V4 .630" high, V-bracket V6 .460" high, V-bracket V7 .630" high, V-bracket V8 .953" high, V-bracket W V9 1.150" high, V-bracket V21 .555" high, snap-in V-bracket W1 V31 .460" high, snap-in V-bracket W3 V41 .630" high, snap-in V-bracket W4 W5 V61 .460" high, snap-in V-bracket Z3 V71 .630" high, snap-in V-bracket V81 .953" high, snap-in V-bracket Actuator Color/Finish NONE Bright chrome 2 Black 3 Red S Satin chrome Dimensions are shown: Inch (mm) Specifications and dimensions subject to change G–3 www.ittcannon.com C&K 7000 Series Miniature Toggle Switches SWITCH FUNCTION SWITCH FUNCTION POS. 1 POS. 2 POS. 3 NO. POLES MODEL NO. CONNECTED TERMINALS POS. 2 POS. 3 UL/CSA** MODEL NO. SCHEMATIC 7301 U31 ON NONE ON 7303 U33 ON OFF ON 7305 U35 MOM. OFF MOM. 7307 U37 ON OFF MOM. 7308 3P POS. 1 U38 ON NONE MOM. 2-3,5-6,8-9 N/A 2-1,5-4,8-7 2-3,5-6,8-9 OPEN 2-1,5-4,8-7 2-3,5-6,8-9 N/A 2-1,5-4,8-7 3PDT 3PDT 1/4-40 UNS-2A KEYWAY Terminal Numbers For Reference Only Part number shown: 7301SYZQE 7401 U41 7403 7405 ON NONE ON 2-3,5-6,8-9,11-12 N/A 2-1,5-4,8-7,11-10 U43 ON OFF ON U45 MOM. OFF MOM. 2-3,5-6,8-9,11-12 OPEN 2-1,5-4,8-7,11-10 7408 U48 ON 7411* U411* ON NONE MOM. 2-3,5-6,8-9,11-12 N/A 2-1,5-4,8-7,11-10 ON ON 7413* U413* ON ON MOM. 7415* U415* MOM. ON MOM. 2-3,5-6,8-9,11-12 2-3,5-4,8-9,11-10 2-1,5-4,8-7,11-10 4P 4PDT 4PDT 1/4-40 UNS-2A KEYWAY Terminal Numbers For Reference Only Part number shown: 7401SYZQE MOM. = Momentary * Wiring for 3-way switch, see Section O. ** U11–U415 model nos. with all options when ordered with G, L, M, Q, R or S contact material. G Toggle Dimensions are shown: Inch (mm) Specifications and dimensions subject to change G–5 www.ittcannon.com




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