Amphenol Corporation




Founded in 1932, Amphenol has grown to be one of the world’s largest interconnect and cable manufacturers. The company designs, manufactures, and markets electrical, electronic, and fiber-optic connectors, interconnect systems, and coaxial and specialty cable. Today Amphenol has a diversified presence in high growth markets that it has cultivated over its 75 year history. Originally named The American Phenolic Corporation, Amphenol was founded by entrepreneur Arthur J. Schmitt in the Chicago area. Mr. Schmitt was focused on finding a better way to mass-produce vacuum tube sockets for the explosion of radio manufacturing at the time. He discovered that insulating plastic could effectively be used to produce tube sockets in a quicker and simpler method that using Bakelite or ceramic. With an initial order from RCA, Amphenol grew rapidly and has continued to profitably anticipate the needs of emerging markets ever since. Technology leadership has long been a corporate focus and Amphenol has been creating industry standards since its founding in 1932. We hope you enjoy the timeline below which gives a brief overview of how Amphenol has evolved into the global organization it is today.


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G51 G510 G-5-100-3 G-5-10-1 G510102
G510110JD100 G51011MEES G51012 G510-148A3A G510-1812-2A
G510-2012-2C G510-2112-3A G510-2212-3A G510-2212-4A G510-2216A3A
G510-2516A-3A G510-3720-3B G510-3724-3A G5103B-07 G5103B-08
G5103T11U G5103T11UF G5103T11UG G510-4128-4A G5104-164ASPL
G5104-165TSPL G5104-187ASPL G5104T11U G5104T11UF G5104T11USOT23-5
G5105 G5105TBU G5105TBUF G5106 G5107TBU
G5108P G5108P8U G5108RDU G510E G510-E0
G510-Q50-00-OPENCPU,SW G510Q5000ROHS G510-Q50-00,SWV0D203 G510R G510TQ50-00
G-5-1-1 G5110RE1U G5110RE1UTDFN10 G5-111 G5111T11
G5111T11UF G5113 G51131022102 G51-13-51-PD G511362
G5115 G51153 G5116T1U G5116T1UF G5117BF11U
G5117CF G5117T11U G5117T1U G5117T1UF G51-1800LUMUS-0
G51186 G5118P8U G5118P8UF G511BSR91D G-511-C6050
G-511-C8002 G-511-C8012 G511J-1710A-2A G-5-11K G511K-146-3A
G511K2216A5A G512 G5120 G5121 G5-121-1
G5121TB1U G5121TB1UF G5121TP1U G5121TP1UF G5121TPIU
G-512-2 G5122T11U G5123 G5125 G512521-6B
G512521-6K G512521-6R G512521-6W G512521-6Y G51252X02B
G51252X02K G51252X02R G51252X02W G51252X02Y G51252X03B
G51252X03K G51252X03R G51252X03W G51252X03Y G51252X05B
G51252X05K G51252X05R G51252X05W G51252X05Y G51252X06B
G51252X06K G51252X06R G51252X06W G51252X06Y G51252X09B
G51252X09K G51252X09R G51252X09W G51252X09Y G51252X12B
G51252X12K G51252X12R G51252X12W G51252X12Y G51252X19B
G51252X19K G51252X19R G51252X19W G51252X19Y G51252X25B
G51252X25K G51252X25R G51252X25W G51252X25Y G-51254
G5125RB1U G5125T11U G5126 G51261 G5126RC1U
G5126TB11U G5126TB1U G5126TB1UF G5126TP1U G5128TB1U
G51296E G-512-C6050 G-512-C8002 G-512-C8012 G512G-2
G-512-V2525 G-512-V2590 G513 G5130-27T21U G5130-33T21U
G5130-50T11UF G5130-50T21U G5130-50T21UF G-513-1 G5131006
G513283196G90 G5132TB1U G5132TB1UPB-FREE G5134TP1U G51353X03B
G51353X03C G51353X03D G51353X03K G51353X03R G51353X03W
G51353X03Y G51353X06B G51353X06C G51353X06D G51353X06K
G51353X06R G51353X06W G51353X06Y G51353X09B G51353X09C
G51353X09D G51353X09K G51353X09R G51353X09W G51353X09Y
G51353X12B G51353X12C G51353X12D G51353X12K G51353X12R
G51353X12W G51353X12Y G51353X18B G51353X18C G51353X18D
G51353X18K G51353X18R G51353X18W G51353X18Y G51353X24B
G51353X24C G51353X24D G51353X24K G51353X24R G51353X24W
G51353X24Y G5135541E G5139RBBD G-513-C6050 G-513-C8002
G-513-C8012 G-513-V2325 G-513-V2590 G5140-33T21U G5146109B106
G5-147K-1 G51-48 G514W25 G514WMB G515
G-5-150 G51500A-003 G-5-150-1 G-5-150OHM-590 G-5-15-1
G5153 G5-158-4W5W-1 G515B G515G G516
G5-160-1 G51615-0074 G5162 G5162-20017 G5165D21U
G5166 G5167-085-01 G516735-1-1208354MHZ G517 G51702004
G5172 G51-72Q10 G5172R41D G5172R41U G5173
G5173R41D G5173R41D3ATQFN3X3 G5173R41U G5175 G5175RV1U
G5175RV1U-Z G5177 G5177AF11U G5177ARE G5177ARE1U
G5177BF11U G5177BF11USOP8 G5177C G5177CF11U G-5-178-1
G51782TC551001C G51787PTGA51787--CROSS G5178BBE1U G5178CBE1U G51797001
G51797001EU G51797003 G51797007 G51797009EU G51797011
G51797041 G517AH1TP1U G517AL1RB1D G517AL2TB1U G517B
G517F2T11U G517G1P81U G517GBC-1 G517T G517TAM
G5-18 G-5-180-3 G5188RG1U G5193R41D G5-196-1
G5196R41D G519BBC-1 G51A-21-35PB-20A-OP G51A-21-35PD-20A-OP G51B0CP02LPH000
G51B0C-P14QC00-A000 G51B0C-T06LFD0-000 G51B0C-T06LFD0-0000 G51B0C-T06QF00-0000 G51B0CT08LFG000