FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR DATA SHEET DS05-11031-2E MEMORY CMOS 4 × 512 K × 32 BIT SYNCHRONOUS DYNAMIC RAM MB811643242A-100/-84/-67/-100L/-84L/-67L CMOS 4-Bank × 524,288-Word × 32 Bit Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory s DESCRIPTION The Fujitsu MB811643242A is a CMOS Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) containing 67,108,864 memory cells accessible in a 32-bit format. The MB811643242A features a fully synchronous operation referenced to a positive edge clock whereby all operations are synchronized at a clock input which enables high performance and simple user interface coexistence. The MB811643242A SDRAM is designed to reduce the complexity of using a standard dynamic RAM (DRAM) which requires many control signal timing constraints, and may improve data bandwidth of memory as much as 5 times more than a standard DRAM. The MB811643242A is ideally suited for workstations, personal computers, laser printers, high resolution graphic adapters/accelerators and other applications where an extremely large memory and bandwidth are required and where a simple interface is needed. s PRODUCT LINE & FEATURES Parameter Clock Frequency Burst Mode Cycle Time RAS Access Time CAS Access Time Access Time From Clock (CL = 3) Operating Current (2 banks active) Power Down Mode Current (ICC2P) Self Refresh Current (ICC6) • • • • • • MB811643242A -100/-100L -84/-84L -67/-67L 100 MHz max. 84 MHz max. 67 MHz max. 10 ns min. 12 ns min. 15 ns min. 54 ns max. 56 ns max. 60 ns max. 24 ns max. 26 ns max. 30 ns max. 8.5 ns max. 8.5 ns max. 9 ns max. 245 mA max. 230 mA max. 197 mA max. 3 mA max.(Std Power) , 1.2 mA max.(Low Power) 2 mA max.(Std Power) , 500µA max.(Low Power) Single +3.3 V Supply ±0.3 V tolerance LVTTL compatible I/O 4 K refresh cycles every 65.6 ms Four bank operation Byte control by DQM0 to DQM3 Burst read/write operation and burst read/single write operation capability • Programmable burst type, burst length, and CAS latency • Auto-(every 16 µs)and Self-refresh • CKE power down mode • Output Enable and Input Data Mask • Standard and Low Power versions




富士通株式会社から2008年3月に100%子会社「富士通マイクロエレクトロニクス」(その後、2010年4月に社名を現在の「富士通セミコンダクター」に変更)を設立した。 2015年3月1日付で、富士通セミコンダクター株式会社のシステムLSI事業は株式会社ソシオネクストに譲渡されました。








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