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Alpha Wire - Setting the Industry Standard for Over 90 Years Alpha Wire manufactures multi-conductor cables, hook-up wire, tubing, and related products for the electronic and electrical markets. Founded in New York City as a supplier of wire strengtheners to the millinery industry in 1922, Alpha Wire grew to become a valued supplier to the expanding radio industry through the 1930s by producing wire and insulators for antennas. Alpha used materials such as rubber and varnish-impregnated textiles to coat wire products. In the decades that followed, business was propelled by the defense industry's electronic needs during World War II, and by the advent of television. Alpha’s product line grew proportionately, and Alpha began to explore new applications and introduced the use of plastics to insulate the wire and cables. Alpha Wire moved our headquarters to our present location in Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1964. During that same year, we added the FIT® Heat-Shrink Tubing and FIT® Wire Management lines to our product portfolio. In 1981, Alpha changed its marketing strategy from independent sales representatives to a dynamic direct field sales force. In addition, operations were expanded to include an international market and an international facility, Alpha Wire International, located just outside London to serve all of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Also in 1981, Alpha entered the booming computer market with its Xtra-Guard® control cables. This proprietary line of cables can handle any type of environment: indoor, outdoor, extreme high and low temperatures, chemical exposure, and the like. Alpha was proud to receive its first ISO 9000 certification in 1994, and ISO 9001 certification in 2000. During the first decade of the 21st century, we further enhanced our already broad product line. In 2009, we continued our long tradition of innovation when EcoWire® was introduced as the industry’s first smaller, lighter, and zero halogen hook-up wire. After a great deal of customer requests, the EcoGen™ family soon followed with the addition of the EcoCable®, EcoCable® Mini, and EcoFlex® multiconductor cable options and a fluid resistant single conductor line, EcoWire® Plus. In 2010, Alpha Wire International expanded with the addition of its office in Shanghai, China to serve the Asia Pacific region. In late 2014, Alpha Wire acquired Coast Wire and Plastic Technologies to expand our expertise in custom cable design and manufacturing. The newly created Coast™ Custom Cable capabilities range from 50 to 4/0 AWG, with low minimums, available in an extensive variety of materials and configurations. Shortly after, in early 2015, the Alpha Essentials® product family was launched in order to provide customers with industry-standard cables at Alpha’s industry-leading minimum order quantities. We also added EcoFlex® PUR flex cable to our EcoGen family, our zero halogen flex cable that's up to 40% smaller and 44% lighter than other 600V flexing cables. Even as our product line has expanded and evolved to meet the needs of new markets and applications, one thing has remained constant: Alpha's dedication to uncompromising service.


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3050BROWNの取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

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3050 30-500 305-000004-6223 305-000009-6223 305-000045-2211
305-000048-6223 305-000089-6223 305-000091-6223 305-000092-6223 305-000093-2211
305-000099-2211 305-0001 305-000102-2211 305-000103-7379 305-000110-6223
305-000111-6223 305-000118-6223 305-000126-2211 305-000127-2211 305-000144-7379
305-000149-6223 305-000154-6223 305-000162-6223 305-000171-6223 3050002
305-00057 30500071 30500074 305001 3050031
3050073 3-05-01 3050-1000 305-0100-001-00 3050-100-1
3050-100-GNYEL 3050-10305M 3050-10-9 3050-11-9 305-01200
30501-2305M 305-012-500-202 305-012-521-201 305-0125-62 305-0128-015
3050-12-9 305-0142-004 3050-15000FTWHITE 305-01600 305-016-500-201
3050-18R-05HPOF 305-01AD 30501BK001 30501BK005 30501BL001
30501BL005 30501BR001 30501BR005 305-01DA 30501GR001
30501GR005 305-01N 305-01NT 30501OR001 30501OR005
30501RD001 30501RD005 305-01S 30501SL001 30501SL005
305-01T 30501VI001 30501VI005 30501WH001 30501WH005
30501YL001 30501YL005 305-01Z 30-502 305-020-500-201
305-020-500-202 305-020-500-203 305-020-520-201 305-020-520-202 305-020-521-258
3050-22R-05MCHD 3050-22R-MTE 3050-2305M 3050235 305-024-500-202
305-024-520-201 305-024-520-202 3050-24R-05MPBRC 3050-24R-05MSF 3050-24R05MSF01FLUX
3050-24R-05MSF07 3050-24R-05MSF10 3050-24R-05MSF18 3050-24R-05MSFR 3050-24R-05MSFS
3050-24R-05MSFV 3050-24R-05MSG 305025000000000 305027000101000 3050293
3050-2A 305-02DM 305-02N 30-503 305-030-500-202
305-030-520-202 305-03200 3050-3305M 305-036-500-202 305-036-520-202
3050387 305-03DM 30503M 30-504 305041042610
305041042620 305041042640 3050-4305M 305-044-500-202 305-044-520-202
305-044-520-268 305-044-521-202 305-044-555-201 305-048-500-202 305-04B
30-505 305-050-500-202 305-050-521-202 305-051-702-0 3050525-STD
3050-5305M 305-056-500-202 305-056-520-201 305-056-520-202 305-05B
305-05J 305-05N 305-05NH 305-05T 30506
305-060-520-201 305-0608-1 3050-6305M 305-06400 30-507
305070002G15002 305-0703-7 3050704 305-0707-42 305-0707-61-1M
305-0716 305-072-500-201 305-072-500-202 305-072-500-204 305-072-500-300
305-072-520-201 305-072-520-202 305-072-520-204 305-072-520-208 305-072-521-201
305-072-521-202 305-072-521-204 305-0727-1 3050-7305M 3050741040
305-074-601-0 30507-4-N 305-0754-1 305075410 305-0754-5
305-0754-7 30507549 305-0756 305-0756-202 305-075-950-0
305-076-500-202 30-50767E 305-0768-1 305-0768-3 30-50768E
30507-6-N 305077 305-0770 305-0771-3 30-50771E
30-50772E 305-0775-2 305-0775-3 305-0775-4 305-077-601-0
305-0789-1 30507-8-N 305-0799 30507BLU 30507NWP-BLU
30508 3050-8305M 305-086-500-202 30-508-7 305-0925-1
305-09500 3050A 3050A120AC 3050A13 3050A20
3050-B-440-B-12 3050BK001 3050BK005 3050BK013 3050BL001
3050BL005 3050BL013 3050-BLACK 3050BR001 3050BR005
3050BR013 3050BROWN 3050GR001 3050GR005 3050GY001
3050GY005 3050OR001 3050OR005 3050OR013 3050PK001
3050R 3050RD001 3050RD005 3050RD013 3050RED
3050S10 3050SL001 3050SL005 3050SL013 3050TR
3050VI001 3050VI005 3050VI013 3050VIOLET 3050-VIOLET-100
3050-VIOLET-1000 3050WB001 3050WB005 3050WG001 3050WG005
3050WH001 3050WH005 3050WH013 3050WHT 3050-WHT-1000FT
3050-WHTRED 3050WN001 3050WN005 3050WO001 3050WO005
3050WR001 3050WR005 3050WS001 3050WS005 3050WU001
3050WU005 3050WV001 3050WV005 3050WY001 3050WY005
3050-YELLOW 3050YG001 3050YL001 3050YL005 3050YL013