OB Features DC/DC Wide range input SERIES : Output trimming On-board type ® 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Open type Compact size, lightweight Output voltage variable externally High efficiency Input-output isolation Wide range input Wide operating ambient temperature range Low no-load input current Oscillation frequency fixed to 170kHz (5V, 12V input) Instantaneous overcurrent protection circuit (voltage sag type) 10 Environmental compliance: RoHS directive compliant OE SERIES : Industry pin-compatible type ® Model suffix: 0512 (4.5 to 16VDC) Model suffix: 1224 (8 to 32VDC) Model suffix: 2448 (18 to 72VDC) 2 Input-output isolation (simplified 500V isolation) 3 Wide operating ambient temperature range (-20ºC to 71ºC) 4 Environmental compliance: RoHS directive compliant A wide range input, on-board DC/DC series achieving an input voltage range with a minimum-tomaximum ratio of 1:4. (4.5 to 16V, 8 to 32V, 18 to 72V) Uses a single-sided mounting board for cost reduction. An open-type on-board series developed under a new concept of integration as part of the customer’s board. The ultra-wide allowable input range, rarely found with competitors, provides excellent flexibility. DC input, single output 5V 0.5A 12V 0.25A 15V 0.2A OBQ12SC05 OBQ12SC0512 OBQ12SC12 OBQ15SC05 OBQ15SC0512 OBQ15SC12 OBQ24SC05 OBQ24SC0512 OBQ24SC12 9 to 18V OBQ05SC1224 OBQ12SC1224 OBQ15SC1224 OBQ24SC1224 OBQ05SC2448 OBQ12SC2448 OBQ15SC2448 OBQ24SC2448 5V 1A 12V 0.5A 15V 0.4A OBR05SC05 OBR12SC05 OBR15SC05 OBR24SC05 74 76 OBR05SC0512 OBR05SC12 OBR12SC0512 OBR12SC12 OBR15SC0512 OBR15SC12 OBR24SC0512 OBR24SC12 OBR05SC1224 29W×46L×10.5H (12g) OBR05SC2448 OBR12SC1224 OBR12SC2448 OBR15SC1224 OBR15SC2448 OBR24SC1224 OBR24SC2448 74 75 80 78 12V 0.9A 15V 0.7A 24V 0.45A OBS12SC12 OBS12SC2448 OBS15SC12 OBS15SC2448 OBS24SC12 OBS24SC2448 OBQ-SC1224 18 to 72V OBQ-SC2448 4.5 to 6V OBR-SC05 20W×32L×10.5H (6g) 4.5 to 16V OBR-SC0512 6W OBR-SC12 8 to 32V OBR-SC1224 18 to 72V 10W 9 to 18V OBR-SC2448 8 to 18V OBS-SC12 18 to 72V OBS-SC2448 5V 2A OBS05SC12 39W×46L×11.5H (14g) OBS05SC2448 74 76 74 74 78 76 78 78 82 82 1.5W 18 to 72V 3W 78 81 82 85 6W 3W 4.5 to 16V OBQ-WC0512 8 to 32V OBQ-WC1224 18 to 72V OBQ-WC2448 4.5 to 6V 9 to 18V OBR-WC12 8 to 32V OBR-WC1224 18 to 72V OBR-WC2448 10W 8 to 18V +15V 0.1A -15V 0.1A OBQ22WC05 OBQ22WC0512 OBQ22WC1224 OBQ22WC2448 OBQ23WC05 OBQ23WC0512 OBQ23WC1224 OBQ23WC2448 +12V 0.25A -12V 0.25A OBR-WC05 4.5 to 16V OBR-WC0512 6W 20W×32L×10.5H (6g) OBR22WC05 OBR22WC0512 OBR22WC12 OBR22WC1224 29W×46L×10.5H (12g) OBR22WC2448 +15V 0.2A -15V 0.2A OBR23WC05 OBR23WC0512 OBR23WC12 OBR23WC1224 OBR23WC2448 +12V 0.45A -12V 0.45A OBS-WC12 18 to 72V OBS-WC2448 39W×46L×11H (14g) OEQ-SC2448 4.5 to 16V OER-SC0512 8 to 32V OER-SC1224 18 to 72V 80 86 86 86 4.5 to 9V 8 to 32V OES-SC05 OES-SC1224 18 to 72V 10W OER-SC2448 OES-SC2448 5V 0.3A OEJ05SC0512 OEJ05SC1224 19.5W×32L×8H (5g) OEJ05SC2448 12V 0.13A OEJ12SC0512 OEJ12SC1224 OEJ12SC2448 15V 0.1A OEJ15SC0512 OEJ15SC1224 OEJ15SC2448 24V 0.065A OEJ24SC0512 OEJ24SC1224 OEJ24SC2448 72 77 73 77 72 75 5V 0.5A OEQ05SC0512 OEQ05SC1224 29W×46L×7.5H (7g) OEQ05SC2448 12V 0.25A OEQ12SC0512 OEQ12SC1224 OEQ12SC2448 15V 0.2A OEQ15SC0512 OEQ15SC1224 OEQ15SC2448 24V 0.13A OEQ24SC0512 OEQ24SC1224 OEQ24SC2448 69 74 70 75 72 75 5V 1A OER05SC0512 OER05SC1224 39W×46L×7.5H (10g) OER05SC2448 12V 0.5A OER12SC0512 OER12SC1224 OER12SC2448 15V 0.4A OER15SC0512 OER15SC1224 OER15SC2448 24V 0.26A OER24SC0512 OER24SC1224 OER24SC2448 NOTE 72 78 77 82 78 83 3.3V 2A 5V 2A 12V 0.9A 15V 0.7A 24V 0.45A OES3.3SC05 OES05SC05 OES12SC05 OES15SC05 OES24SC05 80 84 OES3.3SC1224 OES05SC1224 OES12SC1224 OES15SC1224 OES24SC1224 78 82 39W×46L×8.5H (14g) OES3.3SC2448 OES05SC2448 OES12SC2448 OES15SC2448 OES24SC2448 81 86 DC input, multiple output (2 channels) +12V 0.13A -12V 0.13A OBQ-WC05 OEJ-SC2448 4.5 to 16V OEQ-SC0512 8 to 32V OEQ-SC1224 18 to 72V DC input, multiple output (2 channels) 4.5 to 6V 4.5 to 16V OEJ-SC0512 8 to 32V OEJ-SC1224 EFFICIENCY (%) 5V 24V OUTPUT (DC) MODEL NAME POWER (W) INPUT (DC) SERIES NAME DIMENSIONS (mm) (weight) 24V 0.26A OBQ-SC12 8 to 32V NOTE 24V 0.13A OBQ05SC05 OBQ05SC0512 OBQ05SC12 OBQ-SC05 4.5 to 16V OBQ-SC0512 3W EFFICIENCY (%) 5V 24V OUTPUT (DC) MODEL NAME POWER (W) INPUT (DC) SERIES NAME DIMENSIONS (mm) (weight) 4.5 to 6V On-board type Features 1 Wide range input DC input, single output DC/DC Wide range input +15V 0.35A -15V 0.35A OBS22WC12 OBS22WC2448 OBS23WC12 OBS23WC2448 4.5 to 16V OEJ-WC0512 +12 V -12 74 75 81 82 1.5W 8 to 32V OEJ-WC1224 18 to 72V OEJ-WC2448 4.5 to 16V OEQ-WC0512 3W 8 to 32V OEQ-WC1224 +12 V -12 18 to 72V OEQ-WC2448 75 76 79 82 82 4.5 to 16V OER-WC0512 +12 V -12 84 84 6W 8 to 32V OER-WC1224 18 to 72V OER-WC2448 4.5 to 9V 10W OES-WC05 8 to 32V OES-WC1224 18 to 72V OES-WC2448 +12V 0.065A -12V 0.065A OEJ22WC0512 OEJ22WC1224 19.5W×32L×8H (5g) OEJ22WC2448 +12V 0.13A -12V 0.13A OEQ22WC0512 OEQ22WC1224 29W×46L×7.5H (7g) OEQ22WC2448 +12V 0.26A -12V 0.26A OER22WC0512 OER22WC1224 39W×46L×7.5H (10g) OER22WC2448 +12V 0.45A -12V 0.45A OES22WC05 OES22WC1224 39W×46L×8.5H (14g) OES22WC2448 +15V 0.05A -15V 0.05A OEJ23WC0512 OEJ23WC1224 OEJ23WC2448 +15V 0.1A -15V 0.1A OEQ23WC0512 OEQ23WC1224 OEQ23WC2448 +15V 0.2A -15V 0.2A OER23WC0512 OER23WC1224 OER23WC2448 +15V 0.35A -15V 0.35A OES23WC05 OES23WC1224 OES23WC2448 +12 -12 V 71 72 72 +12 V -12 71 71 72 +12 V -12 75 80 80 +12 V -12 80 78 83 * Specifications subject to change without notice * Specifications subject to change without notice 48 49




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