54F 74F821 10-Bit D-Type Flip-Flop General Description Features The ’F821 is a 10-bit D-type flip-flop with TRI-STATE true outputs arranged in a broadside pinout The ’F821 is functionally and pin compatible with the AMD’s Am29821 Y Commercial Y TRI-STATE Outputs Direct replacement for AMD’s Am29821 Package Number Military 74F821SPC Package Description N24C 54F821SDM (Note 2) 74F821SC (Note 1) 24-Lead (0 300 Wide) Molded Dual-In-Line J24F 24-Lead (0 300 Wide) Ceramic Dual-In-Line M24B 24-Lead (0 300 Wide) Molded Small Outline JEDEC 54F821FM (Note 2) W24C 24-Lead Cerpack 54F821LM (Note 2) E28A 24-Lead Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier Type C Note 1 Devices also available in 13 reel Use suffix e SCX Note 2 Military grade device with environmental and burn-in processing Use suffix e SDMQB FMQB and LMQB Logic Symbols Connection Diagrams Pin Assignment for DIP SOIC and Flatpak Pin Assignment for LCC TL F 9595–1 IEEE IEC TL F 9595 – 3 TL F 9595 – 2 TL F 9595–5 TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL F 9595 RRD-B30M75 Printed in U S A 54F 74F821 10-Bit D-Type Flip-Flop December 1994 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 1) Recommended Operating Conditions If Military Aerospace specified devices are required please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office Distributors for availability and specifications Storage Temperature b 65 C to a 150 b 55 C to a 125 b 55 C to a 175 b 55 C to a 150 Ambient Temperature under Bias Junction Temperature under Bias Plastic Free Air Ambient Temperature Military Commercial C C C C b 55 C to a 125 C 0 C to a 70 C Supply Voltage Military Commercial a 4 5V to a 5 5V a 4 5V to a 5 5V VCC Pin Potential to Ground Pin b 0 5V to a 7 0V b 0 5V to a 7 0V Input Voltage (Note 2) b 30 mA to a 5 0 mA Input Current (Note 2) Voltage Applied to Output in HIGH State (with VCC e 0V) b 0 5V to VCC Standard Output b 0 5V to a 5 5V TRI-STATE Output Current Applied to Output in LOW State (Max) twice the rated IOL (mA) Note 1 Absolute maximum ratings are values beyond which the device may be damaged or have its useful life impaired Functional operation under these conditions is not implied Note 2 Either voltage limit or current limit is sufficient to protect inputs DC Electrical Characteristics Symbol 54F 74F Parameter Min VIH Input HIGH Voltage VIL Typ Input LOW Voltage Units VCC Conditions Max 20 VCD Output HIGH Voltage 54F 10% VCC 54F 10% VCC 74F 10% VCC 74F 10% VCC 74F 5% VCC 74F 5% VCC Recognized as a HIGH Signal V Recognized as a LOW Signal b1 2 Input Clamp Diode Voltage VOH V 08 V IIN e b18 mA V 25 24 25 24 27 27 Min Min IOH IOH IOH IOH IOH IOH IOL e 20 mA IOL e 24 mA e e e e e e b 1 mA b 3 mA b 1 mA b 3 mA b 1 mA b 3 mA VOL Output LOW Voltage 54F 10% VCC 74F 10% VCC 05 05 V Min IIH Input HIGH Current 54F 74F 20 0 50 mA Max VIN e 2 7V IBVI Input HIGH Current Breakdown Test 54F 74F 100 70 mA Max VIN e 7 0V ICEX Output HIGH Leakage Current 54F 74F 250 50 mA Max VOUT e VCC VID Input Leakage Test V 00 IID e 1 9 mA All Other Pins Grounded IOD Output Leakage Circuit Current 3 75 mA 00 VIOD e 150 mV All Other Pins Grounded IIL Input LOW Current b0 6 mA Max VIN e 0 5V IOZH Output Leakage Current 50 mA Max VOUT e 2 7V IOZL Output Leakage Current IOS Output Short-Circuit Current ICCZ Power Supply Current 74F 4 75 74F b 50 78 3 mA Max VOUT e 0 5V b 150 b 60 mA Max VOUT e 0V 100 mA Max VO e HIGH Z




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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
74F821D 7125個    
74F821D 7125個    
74F821D 5126個 92+  
74F821D 1575個 9337  
74F821D 234個    
74F821D 68個    
74F821D 31個    
74F821D 16個    
74F821D 10個 9048  
74F821DT 724個