Accutek Microcircuit Corporation AccuDIP Adapter Modules DIP ADAPTER MODULES ELIMINATE THE NEED TO REDESIGN MOTHERBOARDS OR MAY BE USED FOR BREADBOARD PROTOTYPING DESCRIPTION FEATURES This new family of Accutek DIP Adapter Modules convert surface mount SOJ, TSOP, PLCC and SOIC IC’s to pin compatible DIP packages for creating drop-in replacements for end-of-life DIP IC’s. · Saves costly redesign of current motherboards · AccuDIPs were developed for users with motherboard designs that require DIP’s, now obsoleted by manufacturers. These adapter modules save costly motherboard redesigns. Fully tested with life time limited warranty · May includes on board decoupling capacitor · IC assembly and testing available Available with machined or flat contact pins. Accutek Dip Adapter Modules feature 4 to 48 pins, are fully assembled and tested and may include a decoupling capacitor. AccuDIPs can be manufactured turnkey or from customer supplied surface mount chips. Modules range in length from 0.200” to 3.000” depending on number of pins and incorporate 0.300”, 0.400” and 0.600” row-to-row spacing with 0.100” lead spacing. · EPROM and Flash programming available · Custom lead lengths available · Custom multi-chip and double-sided modules available Custom configurations up to 200 pins, multi-chip and double sided modules are also available for special functions. A variety of pin lengths with varying diameters as well as custom sizes and spacing can be specified with different materials and finishes. All modules are designed in-house using PCB CAD workstations. Assembly and 100% testing are also performed in-house. ORDERING OPTIONS · Adapter only · Customer supplies chips - Accutek assembles on Accutek adapters, tests and delivers finished product in antistatic tubes. · Complete turnkey - Accutek purchases IC’s and passives. Then assembles, tests and delivers finished product in antistatic tubes. AK20DWSO AK24DSOIC AK28DSOIC AK20DNWSO AK24DSOJ AK28D300-SOJ 4/2001



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