COMMERCIAL GRADE PUSHBUTTONS P3 COMMERCIAL PUSHBUTTONS MOMENTARY ACTION, SEALED, SNAP-ACTION, DOUBLE BREAK Makes and breaks every time! Less than 25mΩ contact resistance because the OTTO design features inherent rocking action that breaks welds and wipes contacts clean. Style P3-3 with Push-Pull Action Style P3-3 Style P3-8 The P3 is the commercial version of the P1 Pushbutton switch, offering vastly improved life under extreme conditions found in some industrial environments. The pushbutton is sealed by a silicone boot operating on our patented “rolling sleeve,” providing longer life and smoother operation over a wide temperature range. Epoxy protects the contacts and terminals from hostile environments and solder flux. Style P3-6 High contact force (120g/4.2 oz), low contact resistance (25mΩ max) and short contact bounce are the result of our snapaction mechanism. These characteristics provide exceptional current carrying capabilities over the life of the switch. With the optional low level (gold plate) configuration, the P3 is well suited to interface directly to computers and other solid state devices. Watertight sealing is available by simply adding “W” to your part number. Because the P3 is a double break switch, wide connection possibilities, longer life and greater capacity are offered. The P3 design provides a unique terminal connection to the moving element for added flexibility. Special versions can be provided with five terminals to control up to four circuits. – X P3 PART NUMBER CODE X X X US Standard Characteristics/Ratings: ELECTRICAL RATINGS: 50,000 feet @ 28VDC or 115VAC, 60/400Hz Cycles Resistive 10A N/A 100,000 Inductive 5A 5A 100,000 N/A 100,000 Center Contact Button sealed with patented “rolling sleeve” principle Contact area sealed at button & terminals Less than 25mΩ contact resistance Positive tactile feedback Variety of mounting styles Engraved buttons & bezels available UL recognized & CSA certified 1 million mechanical cycle life Watertight to IP68S available RoHS/WEEE/Reach compliant P3 ® C Lamp 3A Features: • • • • • • • • • • Style P3-7 Load Sea Level @ 28VDC or 115VAC, 60/400Hz N/A 100,000 3A max DWV 1050Vrms 400Vrms Low Level 10mA @ 30mV max DC or peak AC Electrical Life: See Rating Chart Mechanical Life: 1 million cycles, circuit forms 1, 2 & 6 100,000 cycles, circuit forms 3, 4 & 5 Seal: IP64 or IP68S Shock: MIL-STD-202, method 207 Operating Temp Range: -55°C to +85°C Operating Force: 2.5 lbs. or 4.0 lbs. High Force Push Pull: 4.0 lbs. min. Reset Force: 0.75 lb. min or 1.0 lb. Total Travel: 0.085 +/- 0.015 inches Overtravel: 0.012 inches min Movement Differential: 0.015 inches min MATERIALS: Case: X * Anodized aluminum alloy Button: Thermoplastic Case Style Terminal Style/Rating Circuit Form Operating Force/Action Button Color 1. Style 1 3. Style 3 6. Style 6 7. Style 7 8. Style 8 1. Solder/Std. 2. Screw/Std. 3. Solder/Low Level 4. Screw/Low Level 1. N.O. 2. N.C. 3. N.C. 3 Terminal 4. N.O. 3 Terminal 5. 5 Terminal 6. 2 Circuit 1. 2.5 lbs./Momentary 2. 4.0 lbs./Momentary 3. Push-Pull 4. Push-Pull High Force** 1. Red 2. Black 3. Orange 4. Yellow 5. Green 6. Blue 7. Purple 8. Gray 9. White * Add “W” suffix for watertight to IP68S. ** Available in Case Style 3 only. Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice Brass with silver, gold for low level Terminal Hardware: Screws, lockwasher and terminal lug for screw terminal option Mounting Hardware: Hex nut, lockwasher and panel seal when applicable ORDERING INFORMATION: Select the OTTO P3 switch to match your application requirements. Combinations of features are almost unlimited. Example: P3-31111 is style 3 case, solder terminals, standard contact rating, SPST-N.O. contact configuration, 2.5 lbs. operating force, red button. For low level switching capability, specify P3-33111. www.ottoexcellence.com 119 PUSHBUTTONS Terminals:



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