32K x 32 3.3V Synchronous SRAM Flow-Through Outputs IDT71V433 Features ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ 32K x 32 memory configuration Supports high performance system speed: Commercial and Industrial: — 11 11ns Clock-to-Data Access (50MHz) — 12 12ns Clock-to-Data Access (50MHz) LBO input selects interleaved or linear burst mode Self-timed write cycle with global write control (GW), byte write enable (BWE), and byte writes (BWx) Power down controlled by ZZ input Single 3.3V power supply (+10/-5%) Packaged in a JEDEC Standard 100-pin rectangular plastic thin quad flatpack (TQFP). The IDT71V433 SRAM contains write, data-input, address and control registers. There are no registers in the data output path (flowthrough architecture). Internal logic allows the SRAM to generate a self-timed write based upon a decision which can be left until the extreme end of the write cycle. The burst mode feature offers the highest level of performance to the system designer, as the IDT71V433 can provide four cycles of data for a single address presented to the SRAM. An internal burst address counter accepts the first cycle address from the processor, initiating the access sequence. The first cycle of output data will flow-through from the array after a clock-to-data access time delay from the rising clock edge of the same cycle. If burst mode operation is selected (ADV=LOW), the subsequent three cycles of output data will be available to the user on the next three rising clock edges. The order of these three addresses will be defined by the internal burst counter and the LBO input pin. The IDT71V433 SRAM utilizes IDT's high-performance 3.3V CMOS process, and is packaged in a JEDEC Standard 14mm x 20mm 100-pin thin plastic quad flatpack (TQFP). Description The IDT71V433 is a 3.3V high-speed 1,048,576-bit SRAM organized as 32K x 32 with full support of various processor interfaces including the Pentium™ and PowerPC™. The flow-through burst architecture provides cost-effective 2-1-1-1 performance for processors up to 50 MHz. Pin Description A0–A14 Address Inputs Input Synchronous CE Chip Enable Input Synchronous CS0, CS1 Chips Selects Input Synchronous OE Output Enable Input Asynchronous GW Global Write Enable Input Synchronous BWE Byte Write Enable Input Synchronous BW1–BW4 Individual Byte Write Selects Input Synchronous CLK Clock Input Input N/A ADV Burst Address Advance Input Synchronous ADSC Address Status (Cache Controller) Input Synchronous ADSP Address Status (Processor) Input Synchronous LBO Linear / Interleaved Burst Order Input DC ZZ Sleep Mode Input Asynchronous I/O0–I/O31 Data Input/Output I/O Synchronous VDD, VDDQ Co re and I/O Power Supply (3.3V) Power N/A VSS, VSSQ Array Ground, I/O Ground Power N/A 3729 tbl 01 Pentium is a trademark of Intel Corp. PowerPC is a trademark of International Business Machines, Inc. AUGUST 2001 1 ©2000 Integrated Device Technology, Inc. DSC-3729/04 IDT71V433 32K x 32, 3.3V Synchronous SRAM with Flow-Through Outputs Commercial and Industrial Temperature Ranges Functional Block Diagram LBO ADV CLK 2 Binary Counter ADSC INTERNAL ADDRESS Burst Sequence CE Burst Logic Q0 CLR ADSP Q1 A0–A14 GW BWE A1* 2 CLK EN ADDRESS REGISTER 32K x 32 BIT MEMORY ARRAY 15 A0* A0, A1 A2–A14 32 15 Byte 1 Write Register 32 Byte 1 Write Driver BW1 8 Byte 2 Write Register Byte 2 Write Driver BW2 8 Byte 3 Write Register Byte 3 Write Driver BW3 8 Byte 4 Write Register Byte 4 Write Driver BW4 8 CE D CS0 CS1 Q Enable Register DATA INPUT REGISTER CLK EN ZZ Powerdown OE OE OUTPUT BUFFER 32 I/O0–I/O31 3729 drw 01 3 6.42 .




Integrated Device Technology, Inc.




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71V416L10BE 71V416L10BEG 71V416L10BEGI 71V416L10BEI 71V416L10PH
71V416L10PHG 71V416L10PHGI 71V416L10PHGI8 71V416L10PHI 71V416L10Y
71V416L10YG 71V416L12BEG 71V416L12BEGI 71V416L12BEGI8 71V416L12BEI
71V416L12PH 71V416L12PHG 71V416L12PHG8 71V416L12PHGI 71V416L12PHGI8
71V416L12PHI 71V416L12YG8 71V416L12YI 71V416L15BEG 71V416L15BEG8
71V416L15BEGI 71V416L15BEI 71V416L15PHG 71V416L15PHGI 71V416L15PHGI8
71V416L15PHI 71V416L15Y 71V416L15YG 71V416L15YGI 71V416S10BE
71V416S10BEG 71V416S10PH 71V416S10PHG 71V416S10PHG8 71V416S10PHGI
71V416S10PHI 71V416S10Y 71V416S12BEG 71V416S12BEGI 71V416S12BEI
71V416S12PH 71V416S12PHG 71V416S12PHG8 71V416S12PHGI 71V416S12PHGI8
71V416S12PHI 71V416S12Y 71V416S12YG 71V416S12YGI 71V416S12YI
71V416S15BEGI 71V416S15PH 71V416S15PHG 71V416S15PHG8 71V416S15PHGI
71V416S15PHGI8 71V416S15PHI 71V416S15Y 71V416S15YG 71V416S15YG8
71V416S15YGI 71V416S15YI 71V416VL10BEGI 71V416VL15BEG 71V416VS10BEI
71V416VS10PH 71V416VS10PHG 71V416VS12PHGI 71V416VS15BEGI 71V416VS15PHG
71V416YL10BE 71V416YL10PHG 71V416YL10PHGI 71V416YL12PHG 71V416YL12PHI
71V416YS10PHG 71V416YS10PHI 71V416YS12PHG 71V416YS15PHG 71V416YS15PHI
71V416YS15YG 71V424L10PHG 71V424L10PHG8 71V424L10PHGI 71V424L10YG
71V424L10YGI 71V424L10YI 71V424L12PH 71V424L12PHG 71V424L12PHGI
71V424L12PHI 71V424L12YG 71V424L12YGI 71V424L12YI 71V424L15PHG
71V424L15PHGI 71V424L15Y 71V424L15YG 71V424L15YGI 71V424L15YGI8
71V424L15YI 71V424S10PHG 71V424S10PHGI 71V424S10Y 71V424S10Y8
71V424S10YG 71V424S10YGI 71V424S12PH 71V424S12PHG 71V424S12PHGI
71V424S12PHI 71V424S12YG 71V424S12YG8 71V424S12YGI 71V424S12YGI8
71V424S12YI 71V424S15PH 71V424S15PHG 71V424S15PHGI 71V424S15Y
71V424S15YG 71V424S15YGI 71V424S15YI 71V424YL10PH 71V424YL10YI
71V424YS12PH 71V424YS12PHI 71V424YS12YGI 71V424YS15PHGI 71V432S10PF
71V432S5PFG 71V432S6PFG 71V432S6PFGI 71V432S6PFI 71V432S7PF
71V432S7PFG 71V432S7PFGI 71V433-S11PF 71V433S11PFI 71V433-SIIPF